Announcement urging K&R cardholders to apply for redemption



According to a resolution passed by Chong Sing Holdings Fintech Group Limited, the sole shareholder controller of K & R International Limited (“K&R” or the “Company”), at a shareholder meeting of the Company, K&R is exiting from stored value facility business in an orderly manner. We advise all K&R prepaid cardholders to apply for redemption on or before 29th January 2021 (“Closing Date”). It is expected that shortly after the Closing Date, the Company will transfer all the remaining prepaid card balance to a Hong Kong law court which will hold such remaining balance as judicial trustee. Upon such an occurrence, the Company will not be in a position to accept any redemption requests and the only means for you to redeem your remaining prepaid card balance is through the Hong Kong judicial process which means you may incur additional costs and may be required to take certain judicial procedures in order to redeem your remaining prepaid card balance. The exact date on which a Hong Kong law court is appointed as the judicial trustee for the remaining balance and the relevant judicial procedures involved in redeeming any remaining balance will be disclosed after the Closing Date. In light of the above, we strongly advise you to contact us to redeem your remaining prepaid card balance on or before the Closing Date.



Step 1 Check your balance

Go to K&R website https://kr-int.com, and select Prepaid Card—Member login, input your prepaid card number and PIN to check your balance. If you have forgotten your prepaid card PIN, you can still apply for redemption by contacting us.


Step 2 Download and fill in the redemption form

Download the redemption form (attached) and provide the bank details for receiving the refund. If you provide a bank account outside of Hong Kong, please confirm with your bank for the correct SWIFT CODE and bank address.


Step 3 Provide the following documents to K&R in person, or by registered post / courier / email

1. A filled and signed redemption form,

2. A copy of the cardholder’s ID card. If you are holding a PRC Resident Identity Card, please provide both the front and back pages.



Address : Room 3309, 33/F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel : ( 852 ) 2517 1933


Official website: https://kr-int.com

Redemption Form(TraditionalChinese) / Redemption Form(SimplifiedChinese)