Notice of K&R Global Express Prepaid Card New Fee Schedule


K & R International Limited (“K&R”) publishes the new fee schedule for Global Express Prepaid Card Services on 4th March 2019. The revised fee schedule will be effective from 3 rd April 2019 onwards. Details are as follows:


K&R Global Express Prepaid Card Fee Schedule (Standard Price)


New Fees


Personal Card

Anonymous Card

Card Issuing Fee

Magnetic card: HK$30

 Hybrid card: HK$80

Magnetic card: HK$10

 Hybrid card: HK$60

Reload Fee

1.00% of reload amount



Handling Fee charged for transactions conducted on non-HKD by POS terminals and ATM withdrawal

Based on the exchange rate of UnionPay

with no more than 2% discrepancy

(Click here for latest exchange rate)

Management Fee

HK$5 per month from the 13th month onwards upon card activation

Dormant Account Fee*

HK$5 per month within dormant period.

* Prepaid card becomes dormant when there is no reload / POS / ATM transaction activity initiated by the cardholder for six (6) consecutive months. Cardholders can reactivate dormant card by initiating a transaction. 

Expired Management Fee

10% of the remaining balance (minimum HK$80) per month after card expired

(Prepaid card is valid for 2 years upon activation)

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee

HK$30 per withdrawal

Card Renewal Fee

Magnetic card: HK$30

 Hybrid card: HK$80


Card Replacement Fee

Magnetic card: HK$80

 Hybrid card: HK$130


Card Redemption Fee

HK$80 per activated card

HK$150 per expired card

Statement Request

HK$80 per six months’ transaction records

Other Administration Service Fee

(e.g. Dispute Handling)

HK$80 per request

Website / IVR / WeChat Official Account [qnrpay]

Free of charge

Balance Enquiry via ATM (UnionPay Network)

HK$5 per request



1. For Co-branded Prepaid Cards or other designated Prepaid Cards distributed by authorized agents, the fee schedule can be different from the above. Please contact us or your distributor for the respective fee schedules.

2. K&R reserves the rights to adjust the fee schedule from time to time.